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K-8 Enrollment Application Process

Thank you for expressing interest in our school. After receipt of complete application and documentation you will be contacted by a Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley staff member to schedule an appointment. Students are reminded to remain in their current school until notified of an enrollment date at Freedom Academy.

Complete application form and survey (survey for 6th-12th grades only)

Submit the following documents:

  • Transfer grades or most recent progress report (for grades 1-8)
  • Transcript and the most recent grade report (for grades 9-12)
  • Copy of most recent Individual Education Plan (IEP or 504), if applicable *Please note that California Education Code section 51745, subsection (c) provides that “[a]n individual with exceptional needs, [who qualifies for an IEP], shall not participate in independent study, unless his or her individualized education program specifically provides for that participation.”
  • Student discipline record from current school *If student has any suspensions or expulsions, please provide an explanation on a separate piece of paper and attach. NOTE: Students who have been suspended or expelled are not eligible for independent study during the duration of their suspension/expulsions, as per California Independent Operations Manual.
  • Attendance record *If the student has truancies, unexcused absences, or more than 10 excused absences, please provide an explanation on a separate piece of paper and attach.