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K-8 Program

In grades K-8, our school is a home-based independent study program using the state-adopted curriculum with the support, guidance, and supervision of credentialed teachers. Students and parents are supplied with educational materials and educational workshops.

In grades K-5, parents are provided with textbook curriculum. Families with students in grades 6-8 have the option of a solely digital curriculum or a blend of the textbook and digital curricula. All students are assigned a maximum of 20 days of lessons at a time, and work at home under the guidance of a parent.

It is required that parents and students meet one-on-one with the teacher to submit work and discuss progress a minimum of once every 20 days, though communication typically occurs weekly. One-on-one tutoring is available on site or via Google Hangout on a daily basis. Students also have the opportunity to attend field trips, academic enrichment workshops, and elective workshops. In addition, 6-8 grade students may participate in band, after school activities, and sports activities at Holtville Middle School.