School Overview

The Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley (FA) is an alternative school of choice offering an alternative to traditional schools.

In grades K-8, our school is a home-based independent study program using state-adopted curriculum with the support, guidance, and supervision of credentialed teachers. Students and parents are supplied with educational materials and educational workshops.

Students in grades 9-12 can work exclusively through our online curriculum at our site-based program, home-based independent study program, or may choose dual enrollment which also includes courses at Holtville High School. Dual enrollment students may also participate in CIF sports, music, FFA, clubs, and other extracurricular activities at HHS. We offer a rigorous cirriculum, as well as many Advanced Placement courses. Students must submit an application and attend an admissions interview in order to be accepted. The admissions process allows applicants to understand the CA Education Code requirements for independent study, as well as to discuss important factors related to successful online learning (grades 6-12) and student goals. If students are accepted to the Freedom Academy, but then fail to meet the program requirements (as outlined in the FA Master Agreement), they will be referred back to their schools of residence, as per CA Ed Code requirements.

Freedom Academy offers a school option that includes flexibility for the highly motivated student.

Independent Study vs. Home Schooling

The difference between home schooling and independent study has to do with satisfying the requirements of the California Education Code.

Home Schooling describes an educational method that occurs outside the public system of education.

Independent Study (home-based) is the public option where the student does school work under the guidance of a credentialed teacher to meet state standards with materials provided by the school. Our families receive the same standards-based texts and teacher support materials that are used in all Holtville Unified Schools.

Supervising Teachers

All students have a supervising teacher who facilitates enrollment, distributes materials, coordinates their studies, collects student work, and monitors progress. The parent, student and supervising teacher sign an agreement that outlines what is to be studied and when the work is due. Student Work

All students turn in their work monthly and present it to the supervising teacher on or before the due date. Supervising teachers review the work and evaluate academic progress. The work is then returned to the parent or student with feedback.

Extracurricular Activities

Freedom Academy offers extracurricular activities such as field trips, crafts, painting, baking & cooking, gardening, and special guest presenters.


Available to FA students:

  • Class instruction (workshops) on a weekly basis
  • California content standards-based curricula
  • Small campus with individualized attention
  • Digital curriculum choice for grades 6-12 - Apex Learning or Edgenuity
  • Standardized testing
  • Computer lab
  • Honors/AP courses for grade 9-12
  • Challenging high school program with an intensive college preparatory focus
  • Supportive and safe learning environment
  • Responsive staff willing to help at every step

School Expectations

Parent involvement and collaboration in a student's education is a key factor in the high rate of success for independent study students. Younger students need strong parental involvement. High school students need continued parental guidance as they develop increasing levels of self-discipline.

For more information, visit the K-8 and high school sections of this website. If you are interested in this unique opportunity, please call The Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley at (760) 356-5718 or APPLY now!