Welcome to Freedom Academy

An Alternative School of Choice

Founded in August 2012, the Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley (FA) was established by the Holtville Unified School District as an ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL OF CHOICE.

This designation allows us to open our enrollment to all students of the Imperial Valley and offer their families a unique and high quality educational option.

State law (CA Education Code sections 58500- 58512) provides that “school districts may establish and maintain alternative schools and programs of choice. These sections provide a definition of alternative schools of choice, declare the purposes of alternative schools of choice, and stipulate the requirements that alternative schools of choice must meet.” Among these requirements are:

  1. Teachers and students must be volunteers
  2. Alternative Schools of Choice must be maintained and funded at the same levels of support as other educational programs.
  3. Alternative Schools of Choice must meet the same standards for curriculum, instruction and student performance as traditional schools.

Every family is looking for what is best for their child. The decision about how and where to educate your child is one of the most important choices you can make as a parent. We understand this.

The Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley offers parents and students a choice. Every parent dreams of providing the very best things possible for their child, and a strong academic foundation is a fundamental key to unlocking the opportunities life can hold. At the Freedom Academy we can help you.

We have the standards aligned curriculum and resources that you need to guarantee your child the best learning environment possible. Our online curriculum for both middle and high school students is both rigorous and engaging, with strong local support from highly qualified local teachers.

Our children are our most important legacy, and at the Freedom Academy of Imperial Valley we are committed to providing your children with the best learning opportunity possible.